Do you want to be a millionaire? I'm reading You  Entrepreneur , SO I of'm assuming That's on your bucket list. To get there you've got to build your business and your network. Almost none of us get there alone, so you're going to need a mentor. If you target someone who's already hit the bullseye you're aiming at, you'll have a huge advantage.

It's been said that, "your net worth is the average of the five people you spend the most time with." That's why I hang out with people who increase my valueand it's why you need a millionaire in your life. Associating and spending more time with successful people is the fastest way to accelerate your professional growth.

Millionaires get tons of people who constantly want their time and money but offer nothing of value in return. Many of them want to help motivated up-and-comers, but they have to put up a wall to block out all of the people who want to take without first proving their worth.

You want to know how to get the attention of someone who has to brush away countless people asking for money / freebies? Give them something of value. Most millionaires do not need a $ 25 Chili's gift card, but your gift shows that you value their time.

What's a good gift? A bottle of whatever booze they prefer. Scotch is traditional, but research your target. A Moleskine notebook with a handwritten note placed inside. They always get used.

Get a good email address for the guy or gal you want to reach, and then send them a short flattering email asking for their mailing address so you can send them a gift. After you send it, make sure to follow up to confirm they received. Then a month later you can make a brief (think less than five minute) request of their time.

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