I forgot how relentless the trade show reporting side of my job can be. Wrote the this the post I of exhausted, in February I of the when the HAD just the returned for LEO previous evening dress from a flying visit to  in Frankfurt You - the Biggest TRADE exhibition for a tabletop and home accessories We. I had walked ten huge halls each the size of football pitches (give or take) in two days to photograph, talk to and spot the newest products and innovations and write up a time sensitive report on my findings for a client.

Of The of flip side of for These Shows and the Fact That I of 'managed to the begin writing the this the post AT all is That for They give me  SO much  inspiration Throughout the year's and brands, ideas and the by perfect product product just FINDS its' way back to up my Into up my life: Throughout the year. For These sweet Like  the story of tiles from of The Netherlands Netherlands That Were one's of the highlights up my AT the of fair.

Ceramic tiles have been made in and around Delft, The Netherlands, since the 16th century and Story Tiles continues the tradition by creating miniature art on tiles by collaborating with artists to create whimsical collections. The delicate art pieces come in cool cardboard packaging, with a hanging system and available in three sizes, in which the medium size is equivalent to the original Old Dutch tile

I love the idea of ​​using just one of these illustrated tiles amongst a wall of plain ones or nestled into a border around a doorway to add some charm to an entrance - or even as a sort of plaque on the front of a house. I've always found illustrations such a moving and powerful form of expression but they can often be relegated to design for kids and teens but would not it feel so special to have them as a part of our every-day?

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