Adam Bertram explains the advantages of automating the processes involved in onboarding a new employee. Most of the initial steps in outfitting a new staffer are identical, regardless of the new hire's position. So why are we repeating those steps by hand when we could automate the process?Once employees are hired, the onboarding process usually includes the same basic needs for each employee:

  • HR setup
  • Employee badge
  • Company key
  • Computer and software
  • Active Directory (AD) user account and security groups
  • email mailbox
  • Home folder

And so on. Every employee's onboarding process is probably the same, making this kind of scenario ripe for automation. Unfortunately, the  Entire  process automated the BE CAN not, of due to the nature of Physical Certain tasks, But an astute of IT professional will of automate wherever the Possible. Fully automating a process like this requires five steps:

  1. Document the current manual process.
  2. Eliminate tasks you can not automate.
  3. Document each step in detail.
  4. Script the process.
  5. Document any manual processes.

    Step 1: Document the Current Manual Process

    When working on any automation project, we must first thoroughly understand the "moving parts" inside the current process and document everything as is. What does each function in the process do? How does each function relate to the other functions? This step is all about pounding the pavement, talking with people involved in the process (HR, IT, Operations, etc.), and gathering all the information you can about the process as a whole.

    More details for:  Cloud the Storage Video  Examples

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